It's October & Time to Consider the Following...

It's October & Time to Consider the Following...

Can you Imagine A Day Without Water?

Water is, in short, invaluable. Although it is a resource that is essential for all life, it is easy to forget how inner-woven water is in our daily life. Water is a cup of coffee, a quick shower, a green lawn, or a glass of iced tea.
These are simple pleasures in life, but although they are simple, they require many gallons of water!

Each year, we take time in October to better educate and understand this incredible resource. Our most important mission is to preserve and protect water for generations to come (both animal, plant and human generations).

To help advance this agenda, below are a few wild facts about water that will make you appreciate the resource all the more. From chemistry to consumption, water is both weird and wonderful!

Below are some wonderfully weird facts about water that we are betting you didn’t know!

  • Water is an Alien.

    • Water arrived as ice on asteroids and comets. Without space, water would not exist on Earth.

  • Water is the only chemical on Earth that expands from a liquid to solid.

    • It is true, water does not follow the rules of basic chemistry. Ice is less dense than water in liquid form. If water followed the “rules” we would only experience it in vapor form.

  • There is a finite amount of water.

    • In other words, all water on Earth has been recycled through animals, clouds, plants, rocks, and… people.

  • Hot water freezes faster than cold water.

    • Scientists “sort of” understand why, but they are still debating.

  • An earthworm is ~80% water and an elephant is ~70%.

Ask yourself, how many gallons does it take…

  • ~1,800 gallons of water are needed to produce 1 pair of blue jeans.

  • 1 Sunday newspaper requires 150 gallons of water.

  • ~120 gallons of water are needed for a chicken to produce 1 egg.

  • ~2,257 gallons of water are required to make 1 pair of tennis shoes.

  • The average vanilla latte takes 53 gallons of water to create.

Did some of these facts surprise you? Excellent!

Essential. Reliable. Invaluable. Water.

Now, raise your glass, spread some knowledge, and appreciate all that water provides!


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